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What is Portland music? 

Who is Portland music?

Where is Portland music? 

Portland, Oregon is known for its thriving music scene, but is that scene something that can truly be defined? Once you look below the surface, what becomes clear is that Portland is actually a conglomerate of different scenes - each with their own unique subcultures. To know it is to be within it. And to be within it is to hear the voices, know the faces, and recognize that the city's strength lies in its diversity. The one truly unifying factor between all the scenes is a shared love affair with a city that gets consistently misunderstood, and a desire to protect the place they call home. These are the artists working to keep it alive. 

Faces of Sound is created, produced, and curated by Adam King. Adam has been living in Portland since moving here from Burlington, Vermont in 2011. He plays keyboards and sings in the Garcia Birthday Band, as well as composing his own original music in Lesser Bangs. Adam is also a full-time private, piano teacher., and has been a freelance music journalist for nearly 15 years. While on the east coast, he gained recognition as a founding member of Dead Sessions and the Turkey Bouillon Mafia, and played for many years in Blues for Breakfast. He has also toured nationally and internationally with Mice Parade. While in Oregon, he has also been a member of Joytribe, Dark Matter Transfer, Ramble on Rose, and 90 Proof. 

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